22/03/2012 - 10.19



Adem BOZKURT, Turkey, beat Perviz ABDULLAYEV from Azerbaijan for the 72.5 kg World Belt Title held in Manisa, Turkey.  The world and all of Turkey were watching live feed from the Ataturk Sports Stadium on March 17, 2012 as Adem BOZKURT fought 5 rounds to win this match.  Everyone who was there enjoyed a wonderful feast of Kickboxing.  Turkey’s Kickboxing Federation President, Salim Kayici, presented the winner, Adem BOZKURT with the WAKO Pro Title Belt.  He shared these words with all who were there and watching: “ First of all I want to thank all the fighters who fought tonight for honoring WAKO Pro in how you fought and in the way that you showed such great sportsmanship.  I also want to thank the WAKO World President, Ennio FALSONİ for allowing us to host this World Title Belt in our country.  Finally, I want to congratulate Adem BOZKURT for his win tonight and encourage him to keep up with his accomplishments.”