07/03/2013 - 11.52

Two World title bouts in Jagodina (Serbia) on March 01st, 2013.

michal krolik
World title, low kick, 56.400 Boban Marinkovic (Serbia) vs Michael Krolik (Poland)
Winner and new champion is Michael Krolik from Poland (in the picture).
He won by k.o. in round 5. From the beginning he was much stronger and better fighter. In the first round he made solid left uppercut to Boban's nose and it looked like that punch made decision about winner. In the second round Boban injured his right fist but he continued fighting till the end. All rounds Krolik won 10:9. He continued with strong punches, uppercuts, good kicks. Boban tried to come back in round 3 and 4 but Krolik was too strong. At the beginning of round 5 left uppercut again and that was the end. K.O., broken nose.

K1 rules, 60 kg Milos Anic (Serbia) vs Antoine Habash (Hungary)
Winner by split decision and new champion Antoine Habash.
In the first round they started easy, couple of good front kicks from Milos, Habash little bit more aggressive. Second round more of Habash, couple of good knees but also few times he was holding Milos's leg and making punches. In one of this he grabbed Milos's right leg and made straight punch with right hand. It was k.o. Milos was down and it was very hard for him to recover from this. Since it was illegal technique, Habash got warning from referee Zoran Simurina. In round 3 Habash was all over Milos and it was very hard round for Milos. But in round 4 Habash was out of steam and Milos came back first with couple of body punches and then straight right punch to the head. Habash was close to the end but he survived that round. At the end in round 5 Milos was better again but not enough for judges. Decision was 2:1. Judge from Poland and Hungary for Habash, judge from Serbia for Milos.

There was more than 4.000 spectators and it was a very good WAKO-PRO event.