14/03/2014 - 18.02

Update: WAKO-PRO General and Technical Rules&Regulations

To All WAKO-PRO Representatives

For your informationWAKO-PRO General and Technical Rules have been lately updated.

For quick consult you can find them always available online from WAKO-PRO > Documents at:

For any query or further information you may need please contact:

Ms. Barbara Falsoni
WAKO-PRO General Director
Tel. +39 345 0135521
Fax +39 039 2328901
E-mail: bf@wakopro.org

Mr. Srdjan Bugarcic
WAKO-PRO Technical Supervisor
Tel. +381 63289322
E-mail: sb@wakopro.org

Media staff: ise@wakopro.org