12/04/2012 - 17.58



WGP 6 at Itanhaem was a great show.

The event was held last weekend at Itanhaem, and left great memories to everyone who watched.

Spectacular, a great show with incredible fights.
This is what can be said about WGP 6, which was held last weekend at Itanhaem, and left great memories to everyone that watched.

The Gymnasium Benedito Calixto got overcrowded, and you could see the expectator happy and smiling everywhere.
Everyone were enthusiasmatic with the great show, the public, the technical team, fighters, etc.
The event was transmited by Bandsports channel on TV and by Youppie channel on the internet, which went down four times because of the great number of access they had!

Opening the GP we had Diego Sebastião from Santos Vs. Inaftali Gomes from Sao Paulo.
Inaftali started nicely, hitting Diego many times and very fast. But at the final moment, Inaftali was knocked
out by Diego by a Cross-punch on the chin. Giving the victory of the first fight to Diego Sebastião.

The second fight was between Marcos Caçador from Itanhaem Vs. Cesar Almeida from Sao Paulo. Cesar fought very focused and hitted precise and strong punches on Caçador's body, who endured very well untill the end of the fight. Cesar strived because Caçador was very resistent. At the end, the victory was Cesar's, by points.

The third fight was Low Kicks - 66.8 Kg. We saw the fight of Thiago Costa from Sao Paulo Vs. Thiago Santos from
Itanhaem. Both did very good. They attacked, they blocked. Good hands, good legs and good blocking. Two fighters very
resistent who gave a great show. It ended up as a Draw.

The fourth fight showed us Alex Oller from Sao Paulo Vs. Rogeio Bezerra also from Sao Paulo.
For many, this was the best fight from the night. And Alex Oller's performance was very good, he haven't stoped going forward to hit Rogerio. Rogerio was focused on winning, besides from his blocking, he showed
nice counter attacks. The victory went to Alex Oller, by point.

The fifth fight showed us the dispute for the Brazilian Belt between Rafael Kaiser from Itanhaem
Vs. Thiago Verney. Full Contact 75 kg.
Kaiser went right straight to Thiago, hiting him many times. Thiago fell back to the corner, Kaiser worked for an opening at the waist line and delivered a hook that knocked Thiago Verney out. Kaiser took the belt home, and the crowd got thrilled with the champion.

On the sixth fight we had the end of the GP. The fight was between Diego Sebastiao Vs. Cesar Almeida.
Cesar was totally focused. He worked very well, watching and striking Diego Sebastiao at the right moments.
Diego blocked quick and precise kicks and punches from Cesar. Diego wasn't showing himself tired but the fight
against Inaftali was not easy. He was knocked out by Cesar.
Cesar Almeida and his team took home the title of WGP #6 Champion adn the Trophy.

The last fight between Eduardo Vieira from Itanhaem and Pablo Ruiz from Chile was for the Panamerican Belt.
Eduardo was very relaxed, and had control of the entire combat. He showed total resistance against Pablo's blows.
Pablo was very cautious. The fight didn't last very long, and Eduardo knocked Pablo out with a Roundhouse Kick to the head. Immediately the medical team got up on the stage and Eduardo and the crowd were worried, but Pablo woke up well and was fine. Eduardo Vieira got his Panamerican Champion Belt home.

The Winner of WGP #6 was Cesar Almeida from Sao Paulo. But the two belts stayed at Itanhaem.
And the city is proud of it's two Champions!