29/12/2014 - 16.58

WAKO PRO European female titles in Novi Pazar (Serbia), 28/12/2014

In front of 2.000 spectators in very cold city of Novi Pazar WAKO PRO had its last event on 2014 that ended succesfully this way. This time we had two WAKO PRO European titles on schedule.

First one was in female low kick division, 52 kg between Maria Singh from Finland ,and Saida Bukvic, from Serbia.
Fighters started very slowly and tried to make their "own game" since the very beginning. Saida tried to do more with punches and using her boxing skills. Maria was all round very well covered and was focused on low kicks. Same situation in second and third round also. After third round hard low kicks from Maria started to work since it was very clear on Saida's front leg that she was in serious trouble.
But she managed to keep distance and to be safe from low kicks in next round.
During last one both fighters gave their best but Saida gave a bit more since at the end Judges scored for
Zoran Simurina from Serbia 49:49, better in last round Saida Bukvic,
Georgi Georgiev from Bulgaria 49:47 for Saida Bukvic,
Ilia Spasov from Bulgaria 50:48 for Saida Bukvic.
New WAKO PRO European Champion in low kick female, 52 kg is Saida Bukvic from Serbia.

Second WAKO PRO title was in low kick female division, 54 kg, between Ajla Lukac from Serbia and Valentina Murgia from Italy.

First round started very active and aggressive from both fighters.
Valentina was very focused since the very beginning with a great desire to win the title.
After first round which was equal till the end of the fight there was only one fighter between the ropes. That was Valentina Murgia. She was superior and she gave very hard time to Ajla.
She was better in all aspects of the fight and at the end there was no question who is the winner.

Goran Simurina from Serbia 49:47 for Valentina Murgia,
Georgi Georgiev from Bulgaria 49:47 for Valentina Murgia,
Ilia Spasov from Bulgaria 49:48 for Valentina Murgia.
New WAKO PRO European Champion in low kick female, 54 kg is Valentina Murgia from Italy - below in the picture

Supervisor of the event was Srdjan Bugarcic, WAKO PRO Technical Supervisor.