30/04/2008 - 10.26


WAKO Pro GB under the guidance of the Vice President and National Coach to Great Britain are pleased to announce they now have in place nearly a full squad throughout the WAKO Pro weight category system to meet any challenge from anywhere in the World. Again they ask of any country who is to host a gala or a Pro team event to invite them. Of course we will send individuals and coaches also.
Cris Janson-Piers has now secured a Male Full Contact Squad from -56.4kg right through to and including
-88.6kg and a female squad including -52,-62,-66,-68 and +70kg. These are all in full contact and Cris is now working on the WAKO K1 Rules fighters along with the other styles also.
All we ask for is good notice and if we are available we will be there without a doubt! 
Please contact Master Cris Janson-Piers on 07973 748907 or email him on crisjansonpiers@aol.com