09/02/2015 - 10.42

WAKO PRO World Title bout in Low Kick Kg 66.800, Belgrade (Serbia) 7/02

First WAKO PRO event in this year took place in Belgrade on Saturday, February 07, 2015.
This time it was WAKO PRO World title defense in low kick, 66.800 kg.
Challenger for the title was Nebojsa Denic from Serbia, WAKO PRO European Champion in this weight class. Champion, who defended his title for the first time, was Kenan Gunaydin from Turkey.

Both fighters were ready for this fight and highly motivated to get the belt. "Temple of kickboxing" in Serbia, sport hall "Pinki", where many great kickboxing events took place in the past, among them WAKO European Championships back in 1996, was crowded with people and reminded all of us of glory days. The atmosphere was great with all around 2.000 spectators shouting Challenger's name before the main event, when he was going to the ring. Everything was there, support, electricity in the air and one very good fighter that night. But, unfortunately for home crowd, that fighter was not Challenger Nebojsa Denic. That fighter was Kenan Gunaydin, who proved why he is the best in the World. His performance was outstanding and for it he could be named "Gunaydin express" since all he needed to do he did in only two rounds.

In opening round he needed just not more than 30 seconds to understand "game plan" of his opponent and then he started to make his way to first successful title defense. After good combination of punches, first with right and then left hook he put Challenger on the canvas for the first knock down. Nebojsa Denic, due to his perfect physical condition, managed to stand up on eight and to continue the fight. But just almost at the end of first round after couple of precise and strong punches he was down again. Another knock down, he stood up at eight again and was ready to continue but since the time was gone on this round he got the chance to recover before second one.

He did some recovery and he started from the beginning of the second round with total attack, but for experienceed Champion, that was not a big deal. He allowed him to get close, received some punches, and made him to open himself and then again, perfect punch and Denic was down for the third time. Not long after that job was done with brilliant uppercut and by the way of technical knockout Kenan Gunaydin defended his title for the first time.

That was a shock for crowded "Pinki", but after the emotions calmed down, Champion  received big applause from everyone in the venue for what he did.
Of course, even bigger applause got Nebojsa Denic for his desire, courage and big hearth he showed since even if in trouble after first round he didn't want to give up. He did his best and fought till the end. The fact that he was the one who did the entire job in promotion of this title event with sponsors, organization, and preparation made us all to have great respect for him. For sure he was too tired, on  first place emotionally, to give his best in most important part of this event, his performance in the ring.

Judges for this title event were:
Neutral Judge Marco Pacor from Italy
Neutral Judge Gabor Szabo from Hungary
Judge Jelena Kuburic from Serbia
Referee Zoran Simurina from Serbia
Supervisor of the title fight was Srdjan Bugarcic, WAKO PRO Technical Supervisor