23/05/2017 - 10.13

WGP makes its first edition in Sorocaba city featuring two title fights, 20/05/2017

WGP event was broadcasting live on 20th of May by following TV stations Fox Latina, Bandsports and Combate

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Latin America’s biggest kickboxing organization, WGP Kickboxing will hold its 37th edition in Sorocaba, one of the most important cities from the inner of Sao Paulo, Brazil’s largest state. On May 20th, at the city’s sports gymnasium, the heavyweight belt of the promotion will be on the line when reigning champion and host Felipe Micheletti is set to face the challenger Haime Morais on the main event. Also, the welterweight division is packed with emotion: current champion Diego ‘Gaucho’ defends his title against Fernando Nonato, while the traditional Challenger GP already determines the next super-middleweight division title contender.
“We’re pleased to take WGP to such an important city for kickboxing, a city that breathes the sport and has created one of our most dominant champions, Felipe Micheletti, who’s making the main event”, the WGP CEO Paulo Zorello states, before explaining the matchup between Diego Gaucho and Fernando Nonato. “The original welterweight contender was Wellington Uega, but unfortunately we weren’t able to set a date for the fight that was in mutual agreement. So, to not put the division on hold, we decided to give Nonato the shot, since he was the number two ranked and the only one to ever defeat Gaucho inside our ring”, Zorello completed.

Micheletti wants fans support in Sorocaba city

WGP #37 is expected to have a special taste for Felipe Micheletti. Born and raised in Sorocaba city, the 26-years-old reigning heavyweight champion wishes to have the fans support as a fuel to defeated Haime Morais, a very familiar opponent, to keep the title and score his 9th win under the WGP banner, while holding only four losses. Morais, on his side, wants the revenge after losing to Micheletti at WGP #30. Three years elder than his opponent, Morais has won two straight fights on the Challenger GP of the division, against Alessandro Benacci and Cesar Almeida, to make his path to this title fight.
Diego Gaucho defends title for the first time

Almost exactly one year ago, the 30th WGP’s edition marked the end of a legacy. World-known Thiago Michel was defeated in great fashion by Diego Gaucho after a brutal knee that forced the doctors to stop the fight. Now, at WGP #37, Gaucho is set to face the only man ever to beat him inside the promotion’s kickboxing ring. The fight against Fernando Nonato will untie the score, which is current 1-1. Diego Gaucho holds a 52-win record, 30 of those coming in the way of a knockout. Nonato, number two ranked in the welterweight division, has fought 12 WGP fights, including a title bout against Thiago Michel, curiously the last time Michel scored a win before losing to the current champion Gaucho.
The super-middleweight division will meet its next belt contender. The Challenger GP will feature four fighters representing three nationalities. The Chilean Vitor Valenzuela will meet the Paraguayan Sebastián Domínguez, while on the other semifinal a Brazilian matchup between
Marcos ‘Jon Jones’ and Rodolfo ‘Cavalo’ is paired. The fighter who wins two times at the very same night will be granted the title shot.

WGP #37: Felipe Micheletti vs Haime Morais II
Date: May, 20th  Local: Sorocaba/Sao Paulo state - Brazil  Time: 9 p.m. (Brasilia Time Zone / UCT -3)
WGP #37: Main Card
Main Event: WGP Heavyweight Title Bout Heavyweight (-94.1 kg)
Felipe Micheletti (Carseti Fight Team) vs Haime Morais (FTT / Team Povo)
Co-Main Event: WGP Super Middleweight Title Bout Super Middleweight (-78.1 kg)
Diego ‘Gaúcho’ (Inside Munil Adriano) vs Fernando Nonato (MBK / ABAMM-RJ)
Challenger GP: Final
Super Middleweight (-78.1 kg) Semifinal 1 Winner vs Semifinal 2 Winner
International Super Fight
Light Middleweight (-71.8 kg) Wallace Lopes (Rio Fighters / ABAMM-RJ - Brazil) vs Gerardo Gonzalez (Herfanos Fight Team - Argentina)
International Super Fight
Super Middleweight (-78.1 kg) Rodrigo Diório (Reforce Fight - Brazil) vs Nicolas Ryske (Picante Fight Club - Argentina)
Challenger GP: Semifinal 2
Super Middleweight (-78.1 kg) Victor Valenzuela (Brutal Striker / WAKO Chile - Chile) vs Sebastian Dominguez (Team Fight Center / Team Pain - Paraguay)
Challenger GP: Semifinal 1
Super Middleweight (-78.1 kg) Marcus ‘Jon Jones’ (China Team) vs Rodolfo ‘Cavalo’ (Brazilian Alves) 
WGP #37: Super Fights

Super Fight
Light Middleweight (-71.8 kg)
Lucas Almeida (Liga Sorocabana de Kickboxing) vs Mateus Gatti (Nak)
Super Fight
Light Middleweight (-71,8 kg)
Gabriel Siqueira (Team Big G) vs Arlison ‘Tenchiran’ (The Rocky Kickboxing)
Super Fight
Super Lightweight (-64,5 kg)
Vinicius Bereta (União ABC) vs Petros ‘Cabelinho’ Freitas (World Strong Fight Team)

WGP now live by Fox Latina, Bandsports and Combate