17/12/2014 - 11.39

Wojcieh Werzbicki (POL) new WAKO PRO European champion LK Kg -75

On last December 13, 2014, city of Zgorzelec in Poland hosted WAKO PRO European title bout in low kick division, 75 kg. Promoter of the event was Mr. Krzysztof Szyrma under the patronage of Poland kickboxing Federation.
Event took place in brand new ve
nue "Turow arena" that opened just couple of weeks ago.
In front of 2.000 spectators fighters had a great night and showed to the audience why kickboxing is one of the most interesting sport today.
Main event was WAKO PRO European title bout in low kick division under 75 kg, between Wojcieh Werzbicki, challenger from Poland and Andrea Andrenacci, champion from Italy.
Both fighters did not start fight easily. From the same beginning we could see hard punches and kicks. Both of them wanted to finish fight as soon as possible. But, unfortunately for them and on great satisfaction for spectators that was not possible. We all had pleasure to enjoy 5 great rounds of kickboxing. Referee in charge Mr. Hajducki from Poland had nothing to do, he gave his command only couple of times during entire fight.
First round ended with slight advantage to the champion Andrenacci. Second one was equal. Third and fourth were real war with many punches and hard low kicks from both side. During these rounds challenger was better. The last one gave us the same like previous one, a lot of exchange of punches on first place. Both fighters were in perfect condition for this event so we had decision of judges at the end.
Judge from Slovakia Michaela Kovachova scored 48:47.
Judge from Czech Republic Jan frana scored 49:48.
Judge from Poland Waldemar Liezynski scored 50:47.
All in favor of new WAKO PRO European Champion Wojcieh Werzbicki from Poland.
Supervisor of the event was Srdjan Bugarcic, WAKO PRO Technical Supervisor.