Nowadays WAKO-PRO has been run by a newly founded company, International Sports&Entertainment S.r.l. (“IS&E”), a limited liability company duly organized under the laws of Italy with operating offices in Monza (MB), Italy, whose only General Director is Ms Barbara Falsoni, dealing with any matter regarding WAKO-PRO’s activity. 

Following the lessons of her beloved father, Ennio Falsoni, WAKO President for more than 30 years and WAKO-PRO Founder untill he fell ill in 2013, with whom she always worked closely Barbara's goal is the one of developing more and more a fair and professional system, giving the possibility to the best WAKO kickboxers to prove themselves and have great professional experiences, in order to enrich their personal record and reach even more higher goals in their kickboxing career!

In order to become the sole official representative of WAKO-PRO in a given Country (“WAKO-PRO Representative”) and be able to organize WAKO-PRO events or title bouts, it is necessary to enter into an agreement to get the exclusive licence for the use of the trademark WAKO-PRO in the territory.